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What is SCC Students?

SCC Students exists to offer every student an “opportunity for a better life” through Christ. We win when a student (6th – 12th grade) takes a step toward owning their faith. We encourage every student to “take a next step” because no spiritual journey has a finish line. Our big win isn’t based on a specific skill or achievement; our win is anytime we see a student take a single step toward owning their faith.



UNITED Night is an opportunity for every middle and high-school student to worship, have fun together, and hear a teen-relevant message on the 1st Sunday every month.

5:00pm Doors Open

5:30pm Service Starts

7:00pm Dismissal


SCC STUDENTS Facebook Page


At SCC Students, we believe that relationships with other Christians matter. We want to pair students with a group of guys or girls the same age/grade so that they can have people to talk with, pray with and simply “do life” with.


Groups take place on Sunday evenings @ 5:30pm – 7pm (except for UNITED Nights).


Student Retreat 2021

Student Retreat 2021 Registration